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 Dr. Marilyn Jones, Team Director

 Dr. Jones is the dysmorphologist (genetics specialist) for the team. Also a  past president of the American Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Association.

 Dr. Samuel Lance, Plastic Surgeon

 Dr. Robert Jacob, Orthodontist

 Dr. Jacob has been the primary orthodontist and provider of NAM  services  to the Cleft Team since 1990. He is in private practice in San  Diego. 

 Dr. Amanda Gosman, Plastic & Craniofacial Surgon

 Dr. Gosman is the Chief of pediatric plastic surgery at UCSD Hospital.  She is also the director of ConnectMed International bringing surgical  care to under-served countries.

 Dr. Ralph Holmes, Plastic Surgeon

 Dr. Holmes specializes in ear reconstruction and dermatology.

 The Rady Children's Hospital Cleft Team meets every 3rd Thursday of the month starting  at 12:30PM. The Craniofacial Team meets the 2nd Tuesday at 4:30PM. Both   teams meet at:    Fresh Start Clinic, Rady Children's Hospital

                            7920 Frost Street, Suite 200,

                            San Diego, CA 92123

 For appointments call:  (858) 966-5954